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Received a summons in the post for a road traffic matter? Worried about losing your licence? Whether it's a speeding ticket, a potential driving ban or any other motoring offence, speak to Defend My Licence, UK motoring consultants, for EXPERT advice

With the current state of public transport many feel their car is becoming more and more of a necessity. The consequences of a speeding ticket or a court summons, and the possibility of the loss of your licence could incur great personal difficulties and/or exceptional financial hardship. Whether you are a recently qualified driver facing the agony of keeping less than 6 points off your licence, or an experienced driver facing accumulating points in 3 years, advice on your situation is now only an e-mail/phone call away.

We provide a specialist service, with consultants who are solely dedicated to defending drivers charged with road traffic offences, whatever their nature.

Caught Speeding on speed camera? Defend My Licence can help you save your Driving Licence.

Defend My Licence Ltd T/A Defend My Licence
Registered in England No: 6588065

Defend My Licence provides free preliminary case assessment. Defend My Licence only charges 20 plus VAT for 20 minutes of specialist advice.

We'll even call you at your convenience 24/7

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